Bamfield Area Report


Bamfield Area Report

Area Report

Things are starting to heat up here on the west coast! Salmon fishing continues to get better and better daily in the sound and offshore, and halibut fishing is incredible.
Salmon fishing in the sound and close to shore has been fairly consistent all May, and it seems as though June will be the same if not better. The fish are in large numbers along the surf line, in places like Cree Is- land, Ship, and Cape Beale. These fish are heavily feeding on needlefish, so fishing the new Gibbs Wee G spoons or the Skinny G have proved to be the most productive. We have been trolling fairly fast (3.2 mph), so rocking a 5.5- to 7-foot leader has fished the best in the last few weeks. I’ve always been a big fan of matching the colour of water to the colour of your gear, so having a fair amount of different coloured spoons and flashers seems to be the most productive.
The offshore banks have been nothing but mind-blowing. Incredible numbers of fish have been feeding off the Big Bank, making 50+ fish hook-up days almost the norm, and it’s fairly easy to troll up your limit of underslot-sized halibut at the same time.
If you’re in the market for jigging for halibut, then I strongly suggest changing up your hook configuration to either singles or circles to make it easier to release larger fish. I’ve been using Mustad Single Circle hooks; they are the perfect size to hold your bait and maintain a solid hook- up ration with the fish, and small enough to land smaller “chickens.” These new slot size regulations have definitely put the “sport” back into “sport fishing.” Our boats have been finding that most fish have been coming on herring, or the Gibbs Hali Hawg tipped with octopus or salmon belly.
If you’re looking for a day-to-day report, see your friendly people at Breakers Marine for all the hottest new gear or give me a call!

See you on the water!

Jon Paetkau
(250) 240-4608

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