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French Creek Area Report

French Creek Area Report

Here we go again, full force, into what we hope will be another stellar salmon season. A lot of us have been just itching to bring our boats out of hibernation and get out on the water and do what we do best—fish. Here at French Creek we have had some good winter spring fishing as well as some decent days of prawning, but we have noticed that crab fishing is still slow like last season, not sure why but hopefully it returns this year. The most productive spots to find Chinooks at this time of year are the two humps that are just a short run up the beach. But why run, troll your way there. It saves fuel and you don’t miss the other great areas such as the area right out in front of the Harbour; at about 140 feet of water, start putting gear out, hit the 200 foot mark and head up the beach to the green roof and fish around there, then proceed to the humps. This time of year, bait like anchovies and herring work well as the dog fish tend not to be as much of a nuisance. Some of the standby lures for out here have been the Army Truck, Black and White Cop Car , Green and White Splatter Back; most of these lures can be found in either hoochies or spoons.

Remember that bottom fish like ling cod, snapper, rock don’t open until May but it is best to consult the regulations for your area. With any luck this year is going to be another one to remember, and hopefully there will still be buzz in the air at this time next year about this season we are about to have.

On the fresh water scene, it usually is slow at this time of year, but in April as the weather warms up the trout will become more active. Spider lake seems to be a favorite for the locals here as it is stocked, and fishing is usually productive from the beach or out in a boat. Trolling a gang troll and wedding band work well; you need to try a couple different colours until you find what they are interested in. Trolling a leech fly pattern of your choice works well also and later in the season floating flies work well. There are a few good lakes in the area worth trying; Cameron lake offers good beach fishing as well as boating. Horne Lake is great too; it offers beach and boat fishing.

Whatever your passion for fishing is, salt or fresh or both, get out there and enjoy, make some new memories with family and friends, and be safe.

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