Port Hardy Area Report


Port Hardy Area Report

Area Report

The arrival of spring brings calmer seas and better weather, although we seem to get an abundance of liquid sunshine, some years more than others.

By mid- to late May the Chinook will start moving through and keep in- creasing in size and numbers until the end of August and early September.

Try Duval Point with a cut plug her- ring on the slack, then run down to Daffine Island to finish things off. You may also want to try a Monkey Puke Flasher (Oki Tackle) and a #5 Gibbs Gold Clendon Stewart spoon, my favourite tackle combo. I swear by it. When nothing else will work, you can also try out some glow spoons from Pesca Lures.

This year salmon fishing has been pretty good; the average size spring around is 15 to 20 pounds and the odd 23- to 25-pound Chinook being brought to the dock. Try trolling around 45 to 100 feet; pay attention to your GPS as there are several spots the bottom just loves to sneak up on you and will definitely claim your cannon- balls. Also, while fishing in Port Hardy, please visit our good friends at Redden Net. They will certainly try to take care of all your tackle needs.

Port Hardy and Port McNeill halibut fishing started in early April, but you have to have some real local knowledge to hunt these flat ones. While May halibut fishing in Port Hardy offers many different shoals with tons of structure to fish, give a try to the sand flats near the airport. These spots hold 20- to 60-pound halibut, and a couple of popular methods for these areas are bottom trolling with large spoons or a spreader bar with 10-inch power grub, whole herring or with Delta Mudrakers and salmon bellies.

This year’s hali fishing will be a little more challenging with a smaller slot size, but skilled anglers should have no problem filling your coolers with your favourite fish. Please ensure you record your halibut lengths and answer questions from our fish observers. The data they collect is very important to our retention limits. So tips up and tight lines and keep on fishin’!

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