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2019 Name That Lure Contest Results

A big thank you to all 327 people who took our quiz this year! After cleanup, there were 22 people who scored 100%. Those people were entered into the draw to win from our prize pool. Also special thanks to Amundson for the awesome top prize this year!

Contest entries were closed on January 31st, 2019 and the draw was completed on February 3rd. The winners are…

1-Year Subscriptions

Victor Addison

Ross Jardine

Patrick Krusto

Baseball Caps

Rob Forcier

Chris Russell

Cody Buckle

Brent Stevens

Gavin Geyser


John Gorst

Howard Hammermeister

Amundson Trend X5 Mooching Reel

Dennis Senft



  • Gerry Geiger

    For the 305 that thought they aced the “Name the Lure” contest, could you publish the correct answers? Please and thank you. Darn I wanted that Amundson reel…

    • Island Fisherman

      Hey Gerry – if you look through all the 2018 issues, all the answered were already published in Gear for the Year.

  • Gerald Tyler

    Nice job Joel. Love the winners being drawn LIVE.

  • Gavin Geyser

    Hi, how do I claim my prize for the Name That Lure Contest?

  • Island Fisherman

    Check you email, Gavin – we sent you that info. Congrats!

  • Gordon Church

    I didn’t enter the contest because I was running about 80% but I would like to see the answers just for my own information. Can you post the answers as presented and view the questions and pictures?

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