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Canada’s favourite fishing magazine, Island Fisherman magazine, provides premium angling content not found anywhere else. With a backbone mission of education and entertainment, no angler in North America (or worldwide) is complete without a subscription.

Each issue is jam packed with innovative how-to that keeps anglers on the cusp of the latest techniques and strategies, gear, and locations.

Premium Angling Content

This Canadian angling magazine also tackles the tough issues and publishes science based articles that factually document the state of the West Coast fishery, and it’s history. Island Fisherman magazine also balances local information and tourist value content for anglers looking to get the most out of their angling experience on Vancouver Island and Coastal BC—it’s why readers call it, “Vancouver Island & Coastal BC’s top fishing resource”.



Vancouver Island and Coastal BC Canada Angling

Photo: Steve Veloso, Island Pursuit Sport Fishing

Vancouver Island’s rich angling history and culture is unmatched worldwide and known as a “bucket list” destination for anglers worldwide. With Island Fisherman magazine, you’ll tap this rich history and local knowledge, making your West Coast fishing experience the best it can possibly be.

Vancouver Island and Coastal BC Canada Destinations and Guided Fishing

Moutcha Bay Resort

Island Fisherman magazine showcases the best saltwater and freshwater destinations (such as lodges and guided fishing, campsites, and backroad destinations) as well as the latest gear, and how to use it effectively in these waters. Stunning pictorials and deep diagrams make each issue a must-keep reference.

Island Fisherman magazine covers issues that matter to you, as well as how-to and where-to-go information that really counts, whether you prefer angling in freshwater for rainbows, cutthroats, brown trout, steelhead, or smallmouth bass, or in saltwater for Chinook, coho, pink, sockeye or chum salmon, halibut, lingcod, rock cod, and other various species. Island Fisherman Magazine will help you find the big ones, help you plan your fishing trips, and experience the best of what the West Coast fisheries have to offer.

Fishing Gear and Boats for Vancouver Island and Coastal BC Canada Angling

Readers also find Island Fisherman magazine the best way to source the best products and services that make all the difference (destinations, tackle, vehicle, boat & marine dealers and service, tackle shops, equipment, marine electronics, boating and fishing accessories, and more).

Raising Funds for Fish Hatcheries and Habitat Restoration

Island Fisherman magazine also gives back by fundraising and donating to local hatcheries and habitat restoration projects—your subscription and online purchases from our shop matter, and contribute.

West Coast Canada’s fishing magazine and online resource, Island Fisherman magazine, was founded in 2000, and is owned and operated by Compass Media Publishing Inc’s CEO, Joel Unickow and VP of Operations, Leigh Unickow.

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