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Submitting Letters to the Editor

If you would like your letters considered for publication in Island Fisherman magazine, please keep your submissions brief at 250-600 words. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number. Letters may be published online or in our print magazine.

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Opinion-Editorial (Op-Ed/Opinion) Submissions

Island Fisherman magazine accepts opinion articles and may publish them in part, or it’s entirely. Content is edited for brevity. Submissions are typically 800 words or less. 300 words are OK for a minimum. Please state credentials, and specify “Op-ed” or “Opinion” in subject line. Opinion may be published on our website, or in our print magazine.

Photos are highly encouraged; permission of use is mandatory before submitted and must be properly credited to the owner of the image. We also highly suggest a picture of you, as the author. If no images are supplied, we will select from our photo library. We may also use photos that you have published on social media platforms or other websites.

We reserve the right to edit, condense, or reject any contribution. Submissions must be unique and not published elsewhere. Images and photographs properly captioned are extremely useful. Use of AI on any content is strictly prohibited and will not be published.

You are agreeing to all the above when you send us your opinion article.

If you have an idea for a submission and prefer to talk to us first, please contact us at: 1-250-797-5635 or [email protected].

Disclaimer Used on Opinion Articles:

Island Fisherman magazine welcomes opinion articles for publishing consideration. The views expressed by the writers of opinion articles are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Island Fisherman magazine, or Compass Media Publishing, Inc. Therefore, Island Fisherman magazine carries no responsibility or liability for the opinion expressed thereon. While we welcome comments on any article however, abusive, racial,  antisocial, or off-topic comments will be deleted.

Examples of Opinion Articles can be found here.