Tuesday, January 26, 2021


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DIY Downrigger Repairs

Nothing can prematurely end a salmon trip faster than a downrigger going down. Or not going down. Or worst of all, staying down and...

Fishing Essentials: The Flasher and Hoochie Setup

  The best way to catch fish that exhibit predator behavior (attacking frantic bait), is with a flasher and hoochie. It’s effective for salmon for...

Zoom Backgrounds for Island Fisherman Readers

We have been doing Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting here at Island Fisherman magazine, and sometimes from some distracting locations (yes...while fishing!). To up our...

Best Practices for River Fishing on Vancouver Island

In light of the economic and health challenges brought about by the COVID pandemic, Canadians have looked to alternate activities to keep busy, keep...

Chasing Chrome: Vancouver Island Steelhead

Some say we’re crazy. We’re certainly relentless. And we’re definitely addicted to being out on the flow, chasing the fulfillment of the tug after...

Canning Salmon Like the Pros

Award-winning smoked canned salmon recipe. This recipe has won two blue ribbons at the Salt Spring Farmers’ Institute Fall Fair. It's sure to win you over, too!


2020 Fishing Gear For The Year Part 2

Fishing and Outdoor Gear Reviews Get your hooks into this awesome gear. We did, and we did well. AMUNDSON 3.5” Aquamatic Here’s a premium spoon, a perfect...

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The Alberni Valley Tyee Club Comes Back Even Stronger

The Alberni Valley Tyee Club (AVTC) just wrapped up their 2020 Ladder Board Derby which ran from Father’s Day to early September. What is a...

The 2020 Port Alberni Ultimate Fishing Derby

Not even COVID-19 could stop the 49th edition of the Port Alberni Salmon Derby held over the Labour Day weekend, but it was a...

2020 Westview Marina’s Salmon Enhancement Derby

Join the fun and fundraising of this year’s derby on Friday, August 28 and Saturday August 29, 2020 with an entry fee of $100...

Island Fly

Leaders for Saltwater Fly Fishing

For the most part, a salt water fly fisher plying their skills around Vancouver Island is not too concerned about delicately presenting the fly...

Catching Pink Salmon

The heat of late July and August is not what most fly fishers consider prime fishing time. But those of us on the coast know that this time of year brings some wonderful fishing.

All About Fly Lines

Many people, especially beginners, find it baffling when they start looking at lines and rods and reels in combination with another. It is not...


The mosquito is a classic Catskill-style dry fly, but without the feather wings; it’s an “all hackle” fly.


The Carey Special was named after its creator Colonel Carey. It is a very simple, yet very effective, wet fly.



Sons of Salmon: An Initiative to Support Hatcheries on Vancouver Island

Island Fisherman Magazine's new merchandise initiative to support, and generate funds for Vancouver Island fish hatcheries.

Cabin in Barkley Sound For Sale—Reduced!

Floating home in Barkley Sound for sale, only $125,000.

Introduction to Fly-fishing Course In Duncan 2019

Bill Luscombe's fly fishing course is open for registration.

Guest Posts

Why I Can’t Wait to Come Back to Vancouver Island

Fish Tale: A Vancouver Island fishing trip through the eyes of of a Wisconsinite

Op-Ed: The Future of BC Depends on the Sport Fishery

"[Valued at $1.1 billion], the sport fishery is the largest economic driver of all B.C. fisheries."