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Upload Your Photos!

Upload your best photo to the Brag Board and you might be selected for our next magazine cover image or the image of the week! We look forward to seeing your images. Use the form below from your phone or computer, or email high res photos to [email protected] with all the juicy details. Please read the requirements and recommendations below first!

Want to be considered for our next magazine cover?

Cover Quality Requirements and Recommendations

  • Quality: We receive many nice photos that are just too small for use as a cover. Photographs need to be as large as possible, taken at the highest possible camera setting. For your photographers who are well-versed on the subject, we need a photo that is roughly 10” wide by 12” in height at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). A vertical image works best.
  • Framing: Please try your best to have plenty of background area without you filling most of the frame edge-to-edge. Many times we have to use Photoshop to add more background area to get shots to fit and look good.
  • Content: Once the above two criteria have been met, your best bet for being considered for a cover is for there to be a happy (smiling) angler holding an appropriate species for your region and time of year, horizontally, not by the tail with the head facing down, or vice versa with the head up and the tail down. Minimal blood and lifejackets on kids please!

By making sure the pointers listed above have been met, you have a much better chance of your photo being selected, allowing your photographers to take advantage of the prestige they can enjoy from having provided a cover for our large readership.

    I certify that I have permission by the person who took (and/or in the photo) to submit to Island Fisherman Magazine for use online, in the print magazine and social media platforms.