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Name That Lure!

Name That Lure!

You’ve probably got too much tackle, which means you have a few that don’t get the attention they could. Now’s a good time of year to give them a once-over and make sure they’re in good shape. At least see if you can remember their names!

Welcome to our January Quiz

Our January Quiz is now closed. Thanks to those that participated! Stay tuned to see who gets the winning prizes:

  • Amundson Trend X5 Mooching Reel
  • One of two Backpacks
  • One of five baseball caps
  • One of three 1-year subscriptions to the magazine

Amundson Trend X5 Mooching ReelIFM Name That Lure prizeIFM Baseball Cap prize

IFM Backpack

 Answers will be announced on our e-Newsletter list, so stay tuned in February!


Name That Lure

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Name Lure #1
Q1PIC Luhr Jensen Coyote 5
Name Lure #2
Name Lure #3
Q3PIC 602 uvbiij
Name Lure #4
Q4PIC 6oz Swimtail Georgia Brown UV Red Brown
Name Lure #5
No Bananas
Name Lure #6
Pink Sink
Name Lure #7
Q7PIC Hot Spot Apex 79R
Name Lure #8
Blue Meanie
Name Lure #9
Name Lure #10
Williams Wabler W60
Name Lure #11
Mepps Comet Longtail Spinner
Name Lure #12
Gibbs Skinny G Herring Aid Nickel
Name Lure #13
Buzz Bomb Perch
Name Lure #14
The Reel Keel

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