Call to Action – Help Save BC’s Public Fishery

The Public Recreational Fishery is under attack.

Fisheries Minister  Jonathan Wilkinson will be receiving DFO Management advice most likely in the week of March 11, 2019 with respect to management options for Fraser Chinook (aka Option A or Option B).

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson—Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

In that, Minister Wilkinson will likely read advice from a number of ENGO (environmental non-governmental organization) groups calling for closure of the recreational fishery, or in the alternative strong support for Option A. While not all ENGOs support closing the recreational fishery, there has been a strong media campaign over several months taking direct aim at closure of the public fishery.

As the Minister’s decision is imminent, the need for you to write directly to the Minister has never been more more important. A personal letter, not a form letter, is the best option. Simply state your concerns. Outline the social and economic cost and how Option A will effectively remove your opportunity and expectation of catching fish. People and jobs will be impacted. The recreational fishery in BC generates 9,000 jobs – why are western Canadian jobs any less important from a public policy perspective than 9,000 jobs at SNC Lavalin?

Over 700 people took the time to write personal letters to DFO expressing their views on the Chinook Measures Options. If you already sent a letter, thank you. What we are asking you to do now is re-send that same letter directly to the Minister. Anyone who hasn’t had opportunity to write, please do so in the next few days. Delaying even until March 15 may be too late. Be heard.

The Minister’s email: [email protected]


  1. Dwayne Danchuk says:

    Hardley think with the barbless hook and restrictions the Recreation fisherman puts a slight dent in the Salmon fishery . I myself travel from Dawson Creek to Pr.Rupert and use to go to Kitimat . I am on disability and and fish is a prized bonus on my income to make ends meet ! My expenses from lower end Motel to fuel , gear food generally can run 2500.00 between myself , wife and 12 year old son . Not to mention the money left behind to support Pr.Rupert economy weither be lodging , food , fuel ,parking , mourning and we cook our own meals . I’ve noticed even the Chartes catch quotas have been very low to zero counts . After 20 years visiting the area I have managed to catch 10 salmon and consider myself a knowlegable Fisher , die hard and habitat conscious person . I do know that in the outer permiters and neutral waters locL and foreign fisherman have taken the vast quantities of the major runs leaving spareingly a minor amount for the recreation fisherman and local natives . Yea changes need to be made in a conservation matter , but let’s. look at the main cause not the finavial and conservation support of the local and B.C. Angler .
    Regards just a guy that enjoys the waters and looking to feed his family .

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