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Fly of the Month June 2022: Caddis Time

June sees the caddisfly hatch in full swing. On Vancouver Island rivers you can often encounter two hatches a day: one mid-day and one toward evening. Throughout the day the pupa will be rising to the surface, and a great imitation of the pupa is Nation’s green sedge. Tied in #12 or #14 sizes, it can be deadly.

Nation’s Green Sedge

Nation’s Green Sedge (pupa) in vice
  • Hook: Mustad 9671 #6 – 14
  • Thread: Green or black monocord
  • Tail: None or red quill
  • Body: Dubbed olive wool, seal, or antron yarn
  • Rib: None or oval silver tinsel
  • Wing: Mallard flank or teal flank feather
  • Hackle: Badger (long)

Elk Hair (Deer Hair) Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis in vice
  • Hook: Mustad 94840 #6 – 16
  • Thread: To match natural body colour
  • Tail: None
  • Body: Dubbed wool or spun deer hair dyed to colour
  • Rib: None or palmered furnace or ginger hackle
  • Wing: Deer or elk hair (11⁄2 times the body length)



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