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How to Fish Glow Lures Effectively

We all have glowing lures and flashers. But do you charge them up before sending down to the fish? There is not much sunlight spectrum during the early mornings, late evenings, dark days, and deep depths to penetrate down the water column. So by charging your lures up with a high-powered flashlight or UV black light, you can fish them more effectively.

Is the high-powered flashlight or the UV black light better for charging the glow? Both do the same job, but one does it faster than the other. Since everyone has a flashlight on board their boat, it’s the easiest one to use to charge up the lure. But it does take some extra time to charge the glow compared to the UV black light. This is due to the light spectrum of the bulb or LED, which does not have a strong concentrated UV spectrum wave compared to the UV black light. The glow paints are activated mostly by UVA and UVB wavelengths.

UV sunlight spectrum is the key to making your lure glow down in the water. We do not know the exact depth where the UV is faded in the ocean, but we can assume it is around 40 to 50 metres depending on weather and water clarity. By charging your glow lure up before sending it down, you can have the glow paint working down those depths before the lure naturally absorbs from sunlight spectrum to produce the glow.

This tip will help you get that first bite, last bite, choppy overcast bite, and 80-metres-down bites. Give this trick a try and see what it will do for your fishing.

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