Reader Story: Megan Wood Catches a Seal at Port Renfrew

We just love reader stories. Here’s one that will warm your heart. Written by Nanaimo’s own 7-year old Megan Wood, no less! We are sure that mom Lori, dad Chris, and sister Emma are as proud as we are! (read below)

Chris Wood and Megan Wood fishing the dock at Port Renfrew.

On the weekend I went fishing. I caught lots of fish. I even caught a 200-pound seal!!! I caught the fish but when I started to slowly reel it up, the seal came and got caught on my rod and then it got unstuck and it ate my fish.  It was sad I never got to see my fish. I love fishing. We were fishing in Port Renfrew. It was fun. We even saw the seal. It was cool!!! 

Emma Wood showing off just one of her many catches from the dock at Port Renfrew.

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