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Review: Shark Flashers

Guess what, there are other flashers in the market beside the normal rectangle flashers. Shaped like a fish, the shark flasher can sure make a hoochie dance, and it’s caught me coho and Chinook in the inside channel and west coast of Vancouver Island.

It has an aggressive whipping and kicking action compared to the normal rectangle flashers, and it’s adjustable. This is great for fishing with hoochies targeting salmon or trout. This flasher has multiple different configurations to achieve the action you want on your lure. I just set it up the normal way, with the first hole to the nose of the flasher and the bottom hole for the tail of the flasher. The length of the flasher is slightly smaller than your standard 11-in rectangle flasher. I attach a 26-in leader with a hoochie for Chinook and coho.

Before sending the gear down, look at the shark flasher compared to a rectangle flasher. In addition to the whipping action on the hoochie, the hoochie suddenly dives, as opposed to the normal skipping rope action. If you want less action on your lure, you can adjust the leader to the middle hole at the tail of the flasher.

I use the tail of the flasher middle hole for spoons and bait. The nose holes adjust how narrow or wide the roll of the flasher. The closer to the nose the tighter the flasher will roll. Even though the flasher does not come with a snap swivel connection for your leader, you should add one to it; it doesn’t work as well if you just directly attach your leader to the flasher. By adding a snap at the tail, you can change leaders or hole positions quickly.

Montagu Lee with Shark Flasher and a result



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