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Take our 2021 Boat Buyer’s Survey

2020 was a strange year! And by the time we all got word that fishing was a great way to social distance, the boat market (and RV) exploded.

With no major boat show in 2021, we’d like to help you, our readers, with appropriate tools and articles that will help you make good decisions if you plan to buy a boat from a kayak to yacht, in 2021. To do that, we have some questions.

We will be sharing the results of what’s  on the mind of boat buyers for 2021 in an upcoming publication.

  • We will keep your contact information 100% private
  • Those taking the survey will get the publication—before anyone else
  • Your email will be entered to win one of (10) 1-year subscriptions in a random draw

The survey will take 2 minutes, if that. Thank you in advance!






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