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Esperanza Inlet Area Report

Fishery Meetings Report Area 25: Local Sport Fish Advisory Committee, Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society, Nootka/ Esperanza Harvest Round Table, Nootka Sound Watershed Society and South Coast Sport Fish Advisory Board Meetings

Yes! Local volunteers continue their vital role of involvement in local fishery issues, focused on habitat rehabilitation, salmon enhancement, wild salmon stocks protection, conservation and sustainability of all local stocks,

Meeting Highlights:

  1. It has taken 3 years but finally it is mandatory to return berried prawns to the water. Berried female prawns have approximately 3,000 eggs on them. Commercial prawners have been mandated to return berried prawns for years. It’s all about sustainability.
  2. The process has been started to put a maximum size on ling cod. More than 90 per cent of ling over 30 pounds are females. The goal, with proper scientific data, is to develop a suggested regulation that puts a maximum length for retention of ling cod. Again, sustainability!
  3. Because of the concerns of insufficient food (salmon) for the southern resident killer whales from Tofino down to Sooke-Victoria areas and up the east side of the island to Campbell River, there may be a need for culling of some populations of seals. This is not new news to recreational fishers. It seems that some of DFO polices on the rehabilitation of seal populations may be in direct competition with the endangered killer whales for food (salmon). The good news is the northern resident killer whales in our area are healthy and increasing their population. Why? We have lots of salmon and fewer seals per hectare.

More GOOD News from Esperanza- Nootka meetings:

  • 2018 Chinook/spring salmon fishing/ catching is expected to be strong with returns to be above the five-year average.
  • Coho returns will be improved over last year, with the late August and September component of the run being the larger fish in GOOD numbers.
  • Halibut biomass will continue to increase. This will yield above average size and quantities of catch in outer Nootka and Esperanza.
  • Ling cod remain in the abundant category. Find a rock pile or a sharp drop off and you will find lots of ling for your fish box!
  • Rock fish remain plentiful off the majority of the local coastline. A descender device is highly recommended when fishing for rock fish to safely return them to the bottom when released.

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