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SimpliFLY Review: Deserving Of Our Gear For The Year Award

We’re giving this device a Gear For The Year award. Here’s why…

Gear For The Year 2019

It’s obvious the creators of the SimpliFLY are fly fishermen. From the moment you put it on, you know how much thought has been put into each feature, because it just works! Its modular design allows you carry everything you need, from the built-in multi tippet dispenser, retractable snap hooks for nippers and hemostats to the multiple fixed fly boxes and removable box section. It even combines with an optional backpack to give you enough room for all of your gear, and features a D-ring on the back for a magnetic clip to attach to your landing net. There are so many places to put things I had trouble filling all the spots.

Four words sum up this great new fly fishing product: rugged, compact, organized, and versatile.

Rugged: The harness system is made from a tough CORDURA® nylon webbing and is adjustable for a snug but comfortable fit. The unit itself is made from durable polycarbonate plastic, and you can tell right away it will stand up to the rigours of long days on the water. Strong military-style MOLLE webbing on the main shoulder straps gives you loops to attach things. Solid hinges with metal pins make for smooth, easy opening and closing, and the magnetic latches let you rest easy knowing you won’t dump your gear into the water!

Compact: The hexagonal profile of this unit allows you to fit everything you need, but is still small and light enough so that it won’t be in your way while casting, landing fish, or walking to the next location. The hinge system also allows you to remove the bottom section for an even slimmer unit. Even when fully filled, it is easily carried all day.

Organized: The SimpliFLY’s features and design lets you keep your flies, leader, and other gear extremely organized. It turned my old ripped fanny pack mess into a solid, well-contained, and super-efficient fly fishing system. No more searching around for the right tippet or fly, or looking for your nippers in the bottom of a backpack. This streamlined unit will keep your line in the water longer and surely result in more hookups and success on your trips.

All gear before loading the SimpliFLY
Everything packed inside

Versatile: The main compartment is designed for quick changes, so you can carry several pre-loaded SimpliFLY fly boxes for various types of fish and conditions, and change them out in seconds. There is even a lure box available if you want to carry some hardware with you. The section below the main compartment has fixed boxes to fit large flies, weights, strike indicators, etc. On the bottom of the unit is a recessed section where you can put flies in need of drying. An optional backpack can hook into the back of the MOLLE webbing to house up to three extra fly boxes, plus a water bottle, snacks, etc.

The tippet dispenser will accommodate three spools of leader material, keeping it neat and tidy. Conveniently located in the front of the unit right next to your nippers, you just pull out the length of leader you need, snip it, and you’re ready to go. No more tangled tippets or spools of line rolling across the ground!

The SimpliFLY is a well-built, well thought-out fly storage system that is easy to use and is a must for any serious fly fisherman. Its modular design allows you to be organized on the water and will enable you to spend less time looking for things and more time fishing!


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