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2019 Kayak Fishing Derby at Neck Point—Nanaimo, BC

August 11 marked the fourth event in the inaugural season of the West Coast Kayak Angler Series, and it was our first saltwater event. With 19 participants fishing from human-powered watercraft, the day ended with winning fish of a 20.2-lb Chinook, and a 25-lb lingcod.

Participants were given an approximately 2 NM boundary from Neck Point, which allowed fishing the wall to the north and the Fingers, to the south. The weather cooperated with light winds, and with the assistance of our support/pilot boat, regular check-ins allowed us to monitor the catch and the safety of the boats—even those that didn’t land their fish and were towed further out to sea.

The Fingers produced the most activity, as lots of bait and finning fish were observed. Hookups were limited on the day as the fish were not overly cooperative.

The event drew lots of looks from the powerboat fisherman we trolled past and the visitors to Neck Point Park, who had lots of questions about the sport.

Kayak fishing is a well-established sport, but exposure on the west coast has been somewhat limited. The West Coast Kayak Angler Series is intended to educate and increase the exposure of a new and fun way to fish (without the fuel bill).

The final event of this year’s series is scheduled for September 21-22 at Pacific Playgrounds along the Oyster River (Black Creek between Campbell River and Comox), and it’s open to all human-powered watercraft. If you’re interested in learning more or participating, visit our Facebook Group (West Coast Kayak Angler Series) or email us at [email protected].

Brad Torry, Stijn Francois, and Dustin Semrock

Watch for our future articles in Island Fisherman magazine on the how and where, as well as general information on kayak fishing and the opportunities in your area.

Until next time, be safe on the water and take someone fishing!


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