Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Review: Why The CruciFish Might Be Divine Intervention

Who Invented The CruciFish? Local Islander Glenn Sollitt began deckhanding for his father in 1972, and by the time he was in grade 11, he...

Gear For The Year: Part 1

Welcome to our newest column featuring the latest and greatest in drool-worthy, must have gear for the year! Get your ‘hooks’ into these. We have, and we did well! We'll update you with new gear that we've tried every month.

Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Grey Strapshot

The CCS G3 Charcoal Grey Strapshot for one camera is the perfect camera carrying system for people on the move. Hikers, travelers, skiers, climbers, bikers and more.

Fly of the Month

Every year I plan the flies for Fly of the Month for the year. One of the things I hear when I am on the water is what are you using. This year I will share with you my flies that I use, and how to fish them.
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2020 Fishing Gear For The Year Part 2

Fishing and Outdoor Gear Reviews Get your hooks into this awesome gear. We did, and we did well. AMUNDSON 3.5” Aquamatic Here’s a premium spoon, a perfect...

Fishing Essentials: The Flasher and Hoochie Setup

  The best way to catch fish that exhibit predator behavior (attacking frantic bait), is with a flasher and hoochie. It’s effective for salmon for...

Zoom Backgrounds for Island Fisherman Readers

We have been doing Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting here at Island Fisherman magazine, and sometimes from some distracting locations (yes...while fishing!). To up our...

What is the Pacific Salmon Explorer (PSE)?

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Library In the 1980’s, Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) published their most up to date stock assessments in documents like “The Pacific...