Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Welcome To Vancouver Island!

Get ready for the fishing experience of a lifetime.  

Assume The Position – Island Hunting

I have been a recreational and professional shooter and shooting instructor for many years now and over those years certain comments have consistently come...
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How To Choose A Flasher

With all the different flashers on the market, choosing which one to use and how to fish it can be a daunting task, one...


The mosquito is a classic Catskill-style dry fly, but without the feather wings; it’s an “all hackle” fly.


The Carey Special was named after its creator Colonel Carey. It is a very simple, yet very effective, wet fly.

The Wigglefin Action Disc

The Wigglefin Action Disc adds vibration and action to a hoochie or bucktail for those fisherman who don’t want to fish with a flasher.