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Amundson TMX5 vs TMX4

In recreational fishing, technology is completely transforming everything. Line creep is common with single-action trolling reels when trolling various depths.

The TMX5 is a mooching/trolling reel that is becoming increasingly popular on recreational fishing boats throughout the Pacific Northwest marine fishery. The TMX5 mooching/trolling reel’s nanocarbon drag discs are designed with seven layers of nanocarbon fibre to provide ultra-smooth performance all the time.

Amundson Outdoors designed the internal components to be simple and low-maintenance, with inexpensive service kits. By request of your Amundson dealer, ported paddle handles can be substituted for the CNC’d aluminium power handles that come stock on the reels. On reel spools, 150 yards of 25 lb backing and 300 yards of 40 lb mono are held. Four colours are available – gold, black, gun-smoke, and blue.

Amundson TMX5 Gold Mooching Reel

The Drag Test

Deadweight is a surprisingly heavy load. Both reels were set to the maximum setting. Each reel had dead weight directly forced to the reel with various weighted lead balls, with a slow swing of 1-pound, 7.5 pounds and 15-pounds suspended.

The Amundson TMX5 Mooching Reel

Salmon Fishing with Amundson TMX5 Blue Mooching Reel

Benefits include:

  • Friction heat is dispersed, and multiple surfaces absorb pressure
  • Low maintenance -inexpensive service kits
  • High strength, flexibility, and resilience are all characteristics of nanocarbon fibre
  • Unbeatable holding power while trolling
  • At drag failure, the Deadweight drag stress test was 22 pounds 
  • That’s a 60% increase in performance to the TMX4 cork disc drag

Key Specifications of the TMX5 Mooching Reel

Amundson TMX5 Mooching Reel Internal Components
  • Machined aerospace aluminum frame, spool and reel seat
  • Unique design easily converts to right or left-hand retrieve
  • Dual-pawl drag system with a large scalloped drag knob
  • Large arbour spool designed to reduce line memory and increase line speed
  • The spindle is machined out of 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability

Comparative: Amundson TMX4 Mooching Reel

Amundson TMX4 Mooching Reel

At drag failure, the Deadweight drag stress test was 14 pounds. Maintaining optimal performance from the wear and tear of cork from debris is important as cork will compress, dehydrate, crack and lose its smooth flat surface, reducing the drag efficiency.

A Tip For Success

All reels are affected by saltwater, and maintenance is crucial. Make sure your investment is protected by rinsing/cleansing your reels after use with fresh water and doing seasonal maintenance.

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