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Hook On Boat Retrieval System Review

Tired of getting your feet wet connecting your boat to your trailer? Then it’s time to get hooked up with the Hook On boat retrieval tool. Back in 2014, Joe Schiller from Delta, BC invented a great product that screws onto pretty much any boat hook, broom handle, or painting pole. Joe makes this game-changing device in his workshop, and it’s currently not available at retail. These are painstakingly made with strong, non-marking plastic and heavy-duty magnets that keep your hook secure; this extends your reach to connect your winch hook to your boat—without having to wade in the water or trapeze your boat trailer’s tongue. This little baby has saved my feet on more than one occasion—it can’t be simpler to use, and worth its weight in gold.

Screw the Hook On to your boat hook or pole. Pull out your winch strap far enough to reach the boat. Put the winch hook onto the Hook On. Holding the strap and pole, reach out and hook it on.

Approaching Bow Eye
Hooking On

Holding the pole, give the strap a tug to release the Hook On. Presto! Your Hook is attached, and you stayed safe and dry!

On Bow Eye

Joe sells these direct for just $40, and you can reach him at [email protected] or call/text him at: 604-551-7261.

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  1. I have one and it is an incredible addition to my boat! No more off with shoes, socks and rolled up (or wet) jeans, let alone, the dangers of trying to shimmy out your trailer. The Hook-On is a definite “GAME CHANGER”


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