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Product Review: Rigger Lock

Ever come down to your boat at first light, all set for a day of fishing only to find your downriggers have gone missing? Let’s hope not, but there is no denying it’s a problem.

Trevor Dawley, local islander in French Creek, marinated in the best way to prevent this for about three years. In 2020, his product concept finally became a reality, and is now available for purchase at Pacific Net and Twine and the French Creek Harbour Store for $89.95.

Downrigger Locking System

Trevor’s big on fishing and a retired heavy-duty mechanic, and he builds these by hand. You can tell they are built to last. With heavy cable built into a modified Scotty base plate, you can secure your downrigger mount or your downrigger directly, with a modified cannonball hook on the boom.

Rigger Lock Attached to Boom

As an added bonus, the lock doesn’t interfere with downrigger operation, so you don’t need to remove the lock while fishing. You can lift the boom and swivel it, no problem. Lock up your riggers and get a better night’s sleep for those 5 a.m. “business meetings” on the water.

Rigger Lock Attached to Base

We found the solution to be a solid option for securing downriggers.

If you feel like dropping Trevor a line, reach him at: [email protected].

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