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July 15th Protest of Non-Retention of Hatchery Chinook

A video was uploaded today by celebrity sport fisherman, Gary Cooper of the popular television show, “Nice Fish”. The video is a call to action for sport fisherman on Vancouver Island to join a peaceful protest in Victoria July 15th, 9AM at Ogden Breakwater in front of Victoria Harbour.

Hatchery Chinook are open for retention in Washing State as of July 1st, and share the same waters (The Salish Sea) as British Columbia’s South Coast. However, waters around Vancouver Island, namely the Southern region, still remains closed due to Minister Wilkinson’s announcement in April 2019, for non-retention of both hatchery (marked) and wild Chinook salmon. Several areas are to remain closed until August 1st, causing tremendous economic hardship.

Ryan Chamberlain, owner and lead guide of Vancouver Island Lodge, and Darren Wright, co-owner and guide of Island Outfitters share their message and ask those effected to join the protest in this video.


  1. Wilkinson like Trudeau the drama teacher is so out of touch. He’ not and never was ready to govern. He and Miss Piggy are still flying around the world and around Canada doing more to add to the carbon footprint than any other entity all for a few selfies

  2. Yeah the non retention of hatchery chinook until aug1st is ridiculous. If they are allowed chinook retention in the United states, why not here.

  3. Lets get out and support our fellow anglers. We will be coming out of Oak Bay to show Minister Wilkinson that we care and need access to hatchery salmon now.

  4. Look fellow Canadian fishers. We have been shut down to salmon fishing if any kind since April. At least your asswipe gvt let you catch and release. I know it’s redicuulas that you can’t keep hatchery clipped fish up there but they don’t even give us a chance down here. Lingcodonly and only for six weeks may 1 through June 15. You still have it way better

  5. In 1975 there were 71 orca now i believe there are 76 with an all time high of just under a 100 animals. I really don’t think salmon populations locally a factor and recreational sport fishers could never impact the fishery as much as fishing by Russia, China and Japan. We have grown from 3 to 7+ billion people on the planet in the past 60 years. We consume more salmon. Noise pollution is said to be a factor, however i see military operations in the Salish sea almost Weekley. I would have thought that these excercises would have haulted or moved to offshore areas in aid of the Orca. I doubt if DFO can do anything but it is easy to say they are trying by stopping one fishery that has little to no impact on the Orca

  6. Most of the Marked fish are American hatchery fish that they have watched us catch for years even as they weren’t allowed chinooks. Maybe it’s about time we allowed an escapement on them. I hear John Gordon released a 42 the other day. I watch all those sportfishing shows where it is cool for the celebrities to release big chinook. Now that we have to, it’s no fun.

  7. Wilkinson is a politician who relys on people to vote him in to the government. As a politician he panders to the people he thinks will get him re-elected to the gravy train. There is an election coming up folks so the people of his riding need to get out and vote his sorry butt out of government because that’s the only way to change things

  8. There’s a documentary on the internet called “The Truth About Orcas.” States the facts as well as scientists confirming that what Wilkinson is doing will have no effect on Orca population.Puts everything into factual perspective. Our government needs to actually spend some time on the water if they want to truly see what’s going on out there.


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