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Reader Story: Fisherman For Life

Let me start by saying I love to fish; I think I started when I was about 6. I sold almost all of my toys and bought fishing gear. I’m pretty sure the first fish I ever caught was a rainbow trout at Cameron Lake, and it turned me onto fishing.

I think the reason I fish is because it’s peaceful, and it gets me away from all the crowded cities. I live close to a creek that I love, and it’s just there waiting to be fished. I like salmon fishing a bit more than trout, mainly because they’re harder fighting fish. Also, it’s quite exciting when you are able to hook into one all by yourself. The first salmon I got was when I was about 6 or 7 years old in Port Alberni. I remember because it was probably about 15 pounds! I think it was quite good for my age.

Koel Giesbrecht Fall Fishing

Now every day after school I fish, fish, fish! That’s all I do, because it’s quite enjoyable. I’ve been learning how to fly fish a bit more, and I’m getting into that. This year I got my first ever chum salmon on fly. I’ve been doing quite well for my age. I like both ocean fish and shore fishing.

People Who Inspire Me

The people I enjoy talking to and hanging out with the most are probably Brad Hay, Cameron from the French Creek Harbour Store, and Captain Darrell Jobb, who runs his own fishing charter.

The reason those are the people who inspired me is because they are such good fisherman and I would enjoy doing that as a job when I am older. The jobs I would like to do are conservation officer or pro fisherman, or host my on TV show. Those are probably my three best options if I succeed.

My favourite friend to fish with is Ethan Gamble.

Ethan Gamble River Fishing

We have probably been fishing since grade 2 or 3. We fish together at least two to three days a week. He loves salmon, he loves trout, he loves every- thing—so, you know, it’s nice having a friend that likes pretty much all the stuff that you do. I recently helped him on his first-ever chum salmon on the fly rod, but we lost it. We will try again soon.

Thanks to Island Fisherman for letting me do this, and to Brad Hay. See you out there. Tight lines.

This article appeared in the January 2020 issue of Island Fisherman magazine. Never miss an issue, subscribe today!

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  1. I first met Koel from Facebook as I noted a post he had made giving away fishing gear. I found the gesture well beyond his yrs and felt he should be rewarded for his graciousness.

    He got a shiny new Scotty Fishin hat which I know he wore for a good deal of time after receiving it.

    Great Article Koel! Tight lines!!


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