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Reel Obsession Sport Fishing


The best things in life are the people we care about, the places we’ve been, and the memories made along the way. Welcome to Reel Obsession…

Zeballos BC

Imagine rocky mountains towering above crystal blue Pacific waters, sandy beaches with magnificent rock formations, spectacular wildlife, and fishing that is second to none! That’s what you’ll find at Reel Obsession Sport Fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We’re heading into our 24th year of operation, and you don’t have to look too hard into our background to realize that our dedicated team goes above and beyond the expectations of our guests.

Photo by Chase White

We can’t always guarantee fish (although we are very lucky to have the local abundance), but we can guarantee you will experience service like nowhere else. From career guides who pride themselves on creating an experience catered to each individual group. To our chef working with fresh, amazing local ingredients crafting mouthwatering meals. All the way to our guest-focused service team; we still get excited to showcase our offering to everyone. We specialize in smaller groups of 2 to 24 guests, ensuring none of the details get missed, customizing every adventure to suit the individual or group’s needs.

Chef Chris
2023 Derby Zeballos BC
Lodge Photo Matt Hearn

The Obsession Journey

“24 years ago, the first stickers were placed on a single guide boat that I named ‘Reel Obsession’ [photo below centre]. It all started with one boat, a great passion for fishing, a respect for the resource, and a fixed budget of a 21-year-old. It didn’t take long for me to realize what a special opportunity I had to support people in creating lasting memories while providing some of the best protein one can consume. Sharing this with guests from all over the world gives me a great feeling of gratitude and satisfaction. Creating a team built around these beliefs has been a big part of the last 24 years. Sharing this with all of you now is beyond something special. It has created a lifestyle and a brand I could not be more proud of.”

Adrian O’Connor, Owner/Operator

Prolific Fishing Opportunities

There are few places on the coast where the abundance and angling options exceed Esperanza and Nootka Sound. Esperanza, dubbed “The Salmon Highway,” holds vast opportunities in a variety of situations. From the day the lodge doors open each year in early June, expect good numbers of migrating Chinook at famous spots like Ferrer Point, Low Rock, and of course the “Highway.” With different runs passing along our doorstep all summer, we offer fun angling options for novices and veteran anglers alike. Finesse fishing along the kelp beds, dragging the mud in 100′ of water, or trolling offshore gives us many possibilities and creates an angler’s paradise. The calm, protected waters of Esperanza inlet are home to many returning Chinook and coho heading to the Conuma and other local river systems. The Conuma hatchery system puts out 3.5 million juvenile Chinook each year, giving us one more spectacular calm water fishing experience anyone can enjoy.

Salmon at the dock Reel Obsession Fishing Charters Zeballos BC

Halibut—A Face Only a Mother Could Love, But Boy Do They Taste Good

As the clicker sounds when the 30 series reel starts to take drag, we can tell by the bend in the rod that this is going to be a tough battle. Halibut reaching over 100 lbs are caught and released while spectacular table fare of fish in the 20- to 60-lb range are quite common. In the pursuit of white gold (halibut) we are blessed with good numbers of fish in closer proximity to the shore than many other fisheries. Another exciting aspect of this fishery is you truly never know what may be at the end of the line. Prized lingcod and a wide variety of rockfish are caught while in pursuit of halibut, but we also target these species on their own using lighter gear and jigging techniques.

Let us take care of all the details while you spend time with family or close friends. Whether this is your first fishing adventure or 50th we strive to go above and beyond your expectations and create a fun, exciting, and memorable experience.

Book now to get in on one of our few remaining prime time spots for 2024. 75% to 80% of our guests rebook every year and call Reel Obsession home for a few days! Come join us —you won’t be disappointed.

Dare To Compare!

Check out all our amazing reviews on our site from over the years.

Visit Tripadvisor for more reviews.

Guest: Paul Orcutt TripAdvisor: Bucket list trip

I recently returned from a bucket list trip to Reel Obsession Fishing Lodge in Zeballos BC. I was looking for a lodge where I could have a great chance to catch some fish with an experienced guide and have some nice accommodations with some meals thrown in. What I got was so much more! From the time I arrived everyone was so helpful and friendly. I arrived earlier than the other guests and was greeted by the staff and co-owner Angie. She is probably the sweetest woman in all of Canada. She gave me a quick rundown on the Lodge and had me relax until the other guests arrived.

The guest list was capped at 22 to assure everyone was taken care of by an incredibly courteous staff. The meals were chef- driven, 3-course incredible meals each night. The fishing was led by experienced guides on each or the eight or so well- equipped boats. The fish were all processed and frozen each night and marked with each guest’s name.

I would not hesitate to recommend Reel Obsession to anyone looking for a fabulous trip with every detail being handled by a staff intent on making your trip truly a “trip of a lifetime.”

Don’t miss out on spending your next great adventure with our team of professions. This isn’t just a summer job, its our passion. 2024 dates are very limited, call today!

Where Real Fishing Stories Begin! Give us a call any time to discuss your next great fishing adventure.


Reel Obsession Sport Fishing, Zeballos BC

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