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Review: The Shocking Truth About LureCharge

First of all, many people say the idea of using electricity to attract fish is a gimmick or an old fish tale. Let me just say this: Your boat itself has a natural voltage when on water, with all the dissimilar metal thru-hulls, zincs, and metal fasteners (click for full article on how to test your boat’s voltage). Now why is the commercial troll fishing boat catching more fish side-by-side with sport fishers? Because their boat voltage attracts the fish. Lurecharge products will help you get more fish bites with the least amount of tinkering on your lures and boat. Each product from Lurecharge comes with instructions on how to fish with it properly, which is very useful knowledge from a commercial fisherman.

The portable black box is a very effective fishing product. It works with braided and stainless steel downrigger line and creates a positive voltage field, attracting fish towards your lure. According to the manufacturer, it yielded a 5:1 fish- hookup ratio during the south island winter Chinook fishing, compared to a downrigger without it.


The best part is that you don’t have to tinker with wiring your boat. There are multiple ways to use it; you can directly attach it to your fishing line and then a flasher and your lure, or make it in-line with your downrigger clip. Have this portable black box as close as possible to your lure for the best result. I like it so much I carry it with me when fishing on other people’s boats, just because I don’t know the charge of their boat.

Back Box Setups

The spoons and hoochies work just like the portable black box. The spoons and hoochies have a Lurecharge anode with stainless-steel terminal gear. The anode produces a fish- attracting voltage field. The spoon is made to last, compared to some lures in the market that feel like they will last only one season. Lurecharge has different spoon sizes—3.5″, 4″, 5″, and 6″. They also have many varieties of pre-tied hoochies. All these spoons and hoochies work to get fish in your boat.

Lurecharge Spoons & Hoochies

The anodes makes a big difference in getting more fish bites. I placed one anode on one of my top-producing spoons for south island, and it turned into a fish magnet. I placed another anode on a plug, and that plug now has battle wounds.

Anode on AP Tackle Spoon
Anode on Fishinator Plug

When using Lurecharge products, do not let them touch any other metals when fishing—that makes the product less effective. Check the Lurecharge website (lurecharge.com) for all their products and info, as well as testimonials from commercial fishermen’s experience.


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