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Alberni Sockeye Closes July 14th at Midnight

The current escapement into the river has been 26,679 fish to the Stamp River, and 66,498 fish to the Sprout River.

Vancouver Island Salmon Enhancement & Habitat Restoration

Vancouver Island is home to approximately 37 hatcheries, seven of which are major federally operated facilities. In addition, there are also 45 First Nations and non-profit community-based groups working toward one common goal: helping to enhance salmon stocks as well as to protect, maintain, and restore their natural habitat. In 2018...

Fraser River Sockeye Forecast 2018

Sockeye from the Fraser River comprise one of the greatest salmon stock aggregates in BC. It’s no exaggeration to describe it as a “foundation stock,” because it is so important to many diverse communities within the province.

Exploring Port Alberni

With no reefs, back eddies, tide rips or whirlpools to create hazardous conditions, Alberni Inlet is classic small boat water. Expect to see everything from kayaks, tiny dinghies and inflatables, to houseboats, yachts and ocean-going cruisers.
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