Sunday, July 12, 2020
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What is a Hawaiian Snap?

Here's a rock-solid solution favoured by many Vancouver Island guides. Pre-tie your leaders with a Hawaiian snap. Simply pinch the snap together and put on your favourite lure.

Old-School Prairie Spoon Trick

On those days where you mark fish on the sounder and just can't get them to bite your spoon, why not try this old-school prairie spoon trick. Make a hybrid by tying a fly on the hook of your spoon.

Quick Change – Corkscrew

Take your setup to a pro level and use a corkscrew connector (#5 in the image) for quick and easy changes. This is my...

Save Your Rod Tip

Avoid a broken rod tip top by putting a large bead on your line between your terminal and the rod. This is a super...

Motor Mooching – What Is It?

What is motor mooching? In my research, I found that in the early days (about 1900), when the first railroads were built to Seattle, many of the laborers were Chinese and Japanese immigrants who fished off the docks using herring they had caught themselves.
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Wonderful Winter Harbour

A well-traveled man from Austria once visited the village of Winter Harbour and said it was one of the last of its kind in...

Public Fishery Alliance Rally at Vancouver DFO Monday, July 6th 2020

July 6th, 2020 from 12:00pm-1:30pm The Public Fishery Alliance has organized an "information rally" at the DFO office located at 401 Burrard St., Vancouver.

Politics Before Science: New Chinook Regulations Announced

"The public Chinook fishery, which is critical to the BC’s marine fisheries, cannot survive on catch-and-release fishing."

British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund Approves Seven New Projects

On June 15, the Federal and Provincial Governments announced approval of seven new wild salmon related projects totaling $3 million. The funding is coming...