Friday, October 30, 2020
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Fish Hatchery Challenge: Sons and Sisters of Salmon

Of course, we all want to save wild stocks of Chinook. And, of course, we also want to take fish home. There are serious...

Why I Can’t Wait to Come Back to Vancouver Island

Fish Tale: A Vancouver Island fishing trip through the eyes of of a Wisconsinite

Fraser River Chinook 2019 – How To Write A Letter To The DFO

The DFO has asked for letters. If you haven’t written one yet, do you know what yours will, or even should say? The SFI has made these following observations and specific recommendations.

Winter Chinook Fishing: The Essentials

One of the great features of salmon fishing on the BC coast is that anglers fish for them 365 days a year, subject to local time and area restrictions. Of course, this opportunity only applies to Chinook salmon, as the other species are either still way out in the open ocean or too small to be legal quarry outside the traditional summer season. Thanks to the multi-year coastal rearing life history of many Chinook stocks, productive fishing for them can be had right through the winter months.

Fly Fishing Winter Gear Maintenance

Every fly fisher needs a plan for when and how to do winter gear maintenance. A systematic approach for organizing and cleaning your gear is all you need. Follow...

On The Water: Gabriola Island Is Bob’s Island

If you are new to the idea of fishing Vancouver Island and just beginning your research, you likely have not considered—or even heard of—the Nanaimo area as a fishing destination. However...

Juan de Fuca/Strait of Georgia Chinook Regulations 2018

After nearly three months of rushed analysis and consultation, on May 30 the DFO released fishery notice #0428. It is likely unprecedented in the history of BC fisheries management in its scope.
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SFI Launches Live Public Webinar Series

If you hadn't spotted it yet, the Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) is hosting a series of virtual webinars on Zoom to discuss...

Chasing Chrome: Vancouver Island Steelhead

Some say we’re crazy. We’re certainly relentless. And we’re definitely addicted to being out on the flow, chasing the fulfillment of the tug after...

Creature Feature: Yelloweye Rockfish

Yelloweye Rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Family: Sebastidae/Scorpaenidae What Do Yelloweye Look Like? Bet you can’t guess what colour their eyes are! Hint: They...

Pacific Salmon Foundation Auction & Gala Goes Virtual!

If you weren't aware, there's some really great prizes up for auction in this year's PSF (Pacific Salmon Foundation)'s Virtual Gala, October 22nd, starting...