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Dolphin Insurance: Specializing in Charter and Guiding Coverage

Dolphin Insurance Services remains the most comprehensive and specialized Marine Insurance Brokerage on the West Coast, with staff dedicated to providing an excellent client service experience, and underwriters offering the highest levels of protection and claims service.

We are very excited to announce that we have extended their program underwritten by Lloyd’s of London to create a newly minted “Commander Skipper Charter Policy” aiming to protect fishing guides and their charter businesses along the West Coast of British Columbia.

We saw an opportunity to broaden current insurance options for guiding businesses in British Columbia after noticing most policies on the market do not include some of the unique coverages that guides require, such as built-in “loss of charter use” coverage included with our standard policies, and extensive navigation limits off of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Kaila Wegner of Dolphin Insurance fishing Port Hardy Summer 2022

Our brokers have personal investment and experience in the fishing community, which allowed for a unique perspective on writing the Policy Wordings for our new product, and we are proud to have negotiated the highest limits of liability and fishing gear specialized coverage available on the market to be included automatically in the Commander Skipper Charter Policy, among other limits.

As with our current Commander Program and its specialized coverages, the Commander Skipper Charter Program is designed to be underwritten “in-house,” which means faster quoting, service, and flexibility in coverage. Mid-term policy changes to coverage, navigation, operators, and discounting will be seamless and effortless with our exclusive binding authority. Discounting is available for monitored alarm systems partnership with BRNKL Systems Inc. (Boat security and monitoring) and for multi-vessel fleets.

We are honoured to be able to offer protection for some of the local businesses that represent the heart and soul of what it means to live our best West Coast life here
in British Columbia, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a competitive option this year.

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