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Fly Tying: The Knocking Heads Sculpin

Vancouver Island boasts a rare population of invasive brown trout that have managed to gain a strong foothold in rivers like the Cowichan. While many other flies work for brown trout, few rival the aggressive chases and bites you get from streamers. I have seen brown trout chase this streamer into just over a foot of water. Streamers are highly versatile flies that can be dead drifted, swung, and stripped in. The heavy Sculpin Helmet ensures a “jiggy” action to the fly that drives brown trout up the wall. This Knocking Heads Sculpin pattern is only 3″ long, which is pretty big in my book, but people tie flies over 8″ for brown trout. These fish have a voracious appetite for all things that swim, and if they see a fish struggling or fleeing, a predatory response kicks in and some awesome bites can occur.

The Knocking Head Sculpin pattern is sure meant to excite some fish

Fly Tying Materials

Hook: #4 Gamakatsu octopus hook
Shank: 35-mm shank
Thread: White 1/0 Veevus
Belly: Light olive laser dubbing
Trailer Material: Strand of Dacron backing
Body: Barred olive zonker strip
Bead: Plastic silver bead
Legs: Chartreuse barred rubber legs
Head: Medium sculpin helmet
Flash: Silver flashabou

Fly Tying Steps

Knocking Heads Sculpin Fly Tying Steps Island Fisherman magazine

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