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Campbell River Fly Shop Opens

If you weren’t aware, there’s a new a fly shop in Campbell River that opened August 1, 2023, and it’s kinda a big deal. For anyone who knows the iconic Nile Creek Fly Shop and it’s owner Courtney Ogilvie, this is terrific news for Campbell River and up islander’s. During the summer, Campbell River Fly Shop is open seven days a week.

The Nile Creek Fly Shop opened its doors in 2006 as a specialty shop. Not your average fly shop, the store carries select brands such as Vision Fly Fishing from Finland and Beulah. They also carry a terrific assortment of hard-to-find fly tying materials. But of course, what sets it apart is the knowledge. The new Campbell River Fly Shop is an extension of that. Courtney said they are known all around North America and a prime specialty is Spey and Switch.

Campbell River Fly Shop
Courtney Ogilvie

On his way back from fishing Up-Island, Courtney was able to pull over to the side of road for a quick chat …


IFM: Is there a lot of demand for Spey and Switch?

Courtney: Huge!

IFM: What do you think drives that demand? Don’t most people think of that just for casting far with long 2 handed rods?

Courtney: Beyond being able to cast far, it’s easier on your body, much more efficient, and it’s very versatile with less physical impact on your body. Your wife or husband may not like it, but you can stay out fishing longer.

IFM: Haha! That’s great! Since you opened, what do you find that’s the hot seller right now?

Courtney: A single item doesn’t stand out. The feedback has been that everyone seems to be blown away with the variety they can choose from—not only in fly tying material, but fly rods and reels, lines, and all the accessories.

IFM: For this time of year, we’re talking about pinks, coho, and some of the nooks that are staging—beach fishing and river fishing for salmon. So what do you think is the hot fly for coho right now?

Courtney: Come into the store and I’ll show you, Joel.

IFM: Hah! Fair enough. See you soon, Courtney!

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