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How to Tie the Egg-Sucking Wooly Bugger Fly

If you ask ten people what they are using as a fly during the salmon and steelhead runs, I guarantee that a few of them will have an egg-sucking leech on their line. “Now, why?” You might ask. Well, it happens to be an extremely effective fly that can be tied in many different variations—creating a sort of cult following behind it. If you’re fishing for an anadromous species, you’ll have one of these in your box, and, if you don’t, I’ll posit that you haven’t been fishing long enough.

Egg-Sucking Woolly Bugger

Material List

  • Hook: Mustad 1x
  • Thread: White 1/0 Veevus
  • Weight: 4.5mm orange tungsten bead
  • Tail: Black marabou
  • Rib: Medium copper wire
  • Body: Medium black chenille
  • Hackle: Black rooster saddle
  • Legs: Barred Sexi-Floss chartreuse small
  • Flash: Green crystal flash


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