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Gear For the Year: Part 3

Welcome to our newest column featuring the latest and greatest in drool-worthy, must have gear for the year! Get your ‘hooks’ into these. We have, and we did well! We’ll update you with new gear that we’ve tried every month. If it appears here—it’s Gear for the Year 2018 – Part 3…

Mustad 6” Filleting Knife with Spoon

Finally! A decent knife with a spoon side for scraping the bloodline that you won’t cry too long about if you forget it on the cutting table. German stainless steel, thumb lock, and line-cutting channel—this bad boy is coming home with you today for a lousy $14.99.

Plano 3600 Series Hydro-Flo Stowaway

This a great gear box, especially for a multi-day trip where you’ll be changing up gear. Store your spoons, hoochies, teaser heads, and plugs in this and you’ll be able to rinse them with ease—it’s got holes to allow water to flow for rinsing and ventilation for drying.

Hot Spot Apex #79R

There’s no school like old school. Justin Timberlake has nothing on Island Fisherman when it comes to bringing “sexy” lures back. This bad boy has always been, and always will be, our friend. When’s the last time you tried one?

Rhys Davis Anchovy Special Glow Splatter Chartreuse Teasers

Cue Wayne’s World. “We’re not worthy!” Sorry, there really isn’t anything else to say here.

L’IL NIB Nightstalker 003 (GL)

Great for jigging. With a really nice bend, the L’il Nib is great for salmon and cod. Designed by John Nobel of Nanaimo, these little fellas have a super action that gets the job done.


Gibbs Mini G – Nickel

If you haven’t yet, try this on a 10-ft sink tip and troll slow—perfect for the Great Central Lake trout. Remember, silver in the morning and gold when it blows, which takes us to our next pick…

Gibbs Crock 1/8 oz Ham Brass Stripe

Whether you want to cast for coho or trout, or even troll this little fella, this all-purpose lure will make even the most stomach-full fish bite down on this “wafer-thin mint.”

Scotty Orca Rod Holder

If you have a hard time reaching for a rocket launcher-style rod holder, consider one of these. It’s self-proclaimed as “the fastest rod release of any holder on the market,” and we find it hard to argue. Just grab the rod and the holder opens nicely on hinges.

Rapala Fillet Glove

You only need one—machine washable, no skid finish, and fits either the right or the left hand. While you may look like Michael Jackson when you hit the cleaning table, you’ll be holding your fish still on a slippery surface. You’ll be able to “beat it” before your friends are halfway done.

Magma Marine Kettle BBQ

If you don’t have a BBQ on your boat, we’re not coming. We especially like the windproof design and the ability to swivel, reducing flare-ups and providing a more evenly distributed heat. The lid doesn’t slam shut, and the handle stays cool. Fire this up and we are talking about the freshest fillets possible…or kabobs if you are having a slow day.


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