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Harbour Chandler Custom Jigging Combo

Harbour Chandler Custom Jigging Combo. Photo courtesy of Tim Wicks.

As avid salmon jiggers, we at the Harbour Chandler felt we needed the ideal salmon jigging set up. After chatting with the rod and reel manufacturers we realized there were no combos that best suited salmon jigging; there are only heavy duty bottom-fish rods or light duty trout rods available. Therefore, with the help of Okuma we are proud to introduce the Harbour Chandler Custom Jigging Combo.

This is a very light, but very strong med-heavy rod, paired with a small but powerful Okuma Ceymar reel.

Okuma Ceymar

This rod is perfect for salmon jigging because of its light weight and sensitive tip but plenty of back bone and fast action.

We spool the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel with 30lb Power Pro Depth-Hunter braided line, which has a colour change every 25 feet. This allows the fisherman to quickly count out the depth by watching the colours of the line change to easily target mid-water bait-balls.

We pride ourselves in trying out all our products and this combo is recommended by HC staff from our own fishing trips. This includes our tackle department manager landing a 63lb halibut. While this was not what he was fishing for the rod/reel did the job.

While this combo is ideal for any size boat, or shore casting, it gives smaller boats and kayak fishermen a real leg up when compared to a traditional spinning rod and reel combo. After all, we only bring in the gear we want to use ourselves.

With the HC Jigging combo, there is no need for big, heavy level-wind set ups anymore. Save those for the bottom-fish and try out a light weight, but heavy duty Harbour Chandler Custom Salmon Jigging Combo.

There are 2 reel options (C40 or C55) with the rod for only $199. Either will get the job done.

Come into store or reserve your order online.


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