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Gear For The Year: Part 3

Get your hooks into this awesome gear. We did, and we did well.

Coyote Spoon Rainbow Trout Glow Back

Luhr Jensen 3.5 Coyote Spoon Rainbow Trout Glow Back

If you found success last year with the Sardine spoon, you just may want to try this. It’s got glow on one side, and tremendous flash and colour on the other. Let’s not forget that stunning high action that Luhr Jensen’s metal “flipper tail” is famous for. Boys—if your wife catches you buying two of these, just tell her they are earrings for her! They look so pretty, she just might fall for it (quietly buys 4).

Big Eye Mini 3.0 Barkley Beast

Lighthouse Big Eye Mini 3.0 Barkley Beast

Eye eye, captain! Gold and a pinkish purple, this little fella is dressed for success! Heading to Barkley Sound? Maybe there’s something to the name here, hmmm? There’s only one way to find out, so… bye bye, now!

North Pacific Michael Bait Black and Purple with 5/0 Mustad Siwash hook

North Pacific Michael Bait Black and Purple with 5/0 Mustad Siwash hook

Those who fish for sockeye in the Alberni Inlet know these well. They are sturdy with a 5/0 Mustad siwash hook, and widely used for all salmon. Hey chum, we’re looking at you down the road in fall, too!

Flow Fly Fishing Fly Box

Flow Fly Fishing Fly Box

You know, if you want the fish to show, you may want to go with the Flow! Flow Fly Fishing, created by Flo Bess in Tofino, ties wonderful flies and has terrific fly boxes. We really like the silicone in the fly boxes—it’s humidity resistant, and doesn’t have memory (unlike foam). The case itself feels very high-end, and it’s also waterproof. You’ll find a wide variety of beads and hooks on their website—it’s interesting to note that Flo also specializes in flies for coho. Look for them in Gone Fishin’, the Cumberland, and the Nile Creek fly shops.

Anchovy Baitrix Special

Anchovy Baitrix Special

Love anchovies? Hate running out of anchovies, or hate forgetting your freshly prepared ones in the fridge at home? Look no further than this ready-to-fish setup! Pull on the leader to put a curve on the bait (like real anchovies), and remember—more curve means faster roll. Do yourself a favor and keep a few of these on your boat. Another nice benefit of these is that you don’t have to check your bait as often as you do with the real thing. Plus, you’ll likely go home smelling of the fish you caught, rather than the bait you were messing with all day.

Solvkroken Svenskepilk Rustfri
Stainless Steel Cod Jig

Solvkroken Svenskepilk Rustfri Stainless Steel Cod Jig

Can you say that fast three times? We bet that if you drop one of these down, by the time you say its name three times (if you can), you’ll be hooked into a fish. This classic Norwegian jig is famous worldwide and boy, is there a reason. It has a wandering fall when it sinks, and its stainless-steel finish attracts fish in a wide circumference around the boat. And hey, it makes for a great grappling hook if you need one, because you never know!

Gibbs GV-72GS

As the GS suggests, we are talking a guide series net here. Built like a tank, this is a high-end net with a vinyl coated catch & release knotless bag. With a 72″ handle, you’ll be sure to get to those lunkers that are just too unwilling to get close to the boat. If you are rethinking your net, this one has already done the thinking for you.

Gibbs GV-72GS


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