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Name That Lure 2022 Winners

2022 Name That Lure Contest Results

We’d like to thank everyone who played this year’s “Name That Lure” contest. Last year, 1,796 of our subscribers took our quiz but only 212 people completed a 100% entry, which qualified them to win via a random draw for our prize pool. This year, we had 2,634 entries, with 234 reaching 100%. We again randomly drew to determine the winners.

Do we need to make this tougher in 2023? 😄

We know, we know, that’s all fun and games, but did you win?? Before we get to that, let’s revisit the prize pool…

This Year’s Winners Are:

1-Year Subscription:

  • Deanna King
  • Michael Boreen
  • Robbie Donaldson

Baseball Cap

  • Kevin Bowen
  • Steve Demianchuck
  • Eric Killops

Amundson Fly Reel

Jamie Gunst

Amundson Centerpin Reel

Dawson Vanderwiel

Amundson Trend X5

Brandon Langer

Winners, you have all been contacted by the email you have provided, but if you can’t find that email, please contact us at [email protected] with that email address to claim your prize and provide a shipping address (you have 14 days).

Thanks again to everyone for playing. For the lastest news, contests and special offers, be sure to subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter!


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