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Catching Pink Salmon

The heat of late July and August is not what most fly fishers consider prime fishing time. But those of us on the coast know that this time of year brings some wonderful fishing.


The Carey Special was named after its creator Colonel Carey. It is a very simple, yet very effective, wet fly.

Fly Fishing For Trout In Summer—Beating The Heat

What to use for trout in the dead heat of summer.

Fly of The Month: Hot Pink Rosie

    Hook – Mustad 9049, size #6. Debarb and sharpen Thread – Fluorescent pink UNI-thread Body – Fluorescent pink/cerise chenille wound onto shank Wing – Metallic pink Flashabou Head...

Tying the Zug-bug (bead-head)

A single, generic form of nymph will often cover a lot of circumstances when those common insects are active.

Enigmatic Winter-Run Steelhead

In my opinion, winter-run steelhead are simply the toughest fly-fishing challenge on coastal streams—period. If there is any form of fly fishing that requires anglers to pay their dues by putting in countless long hours and many days before being graced with a hook-up from their quarry, winter-run steelhead fly-fishing is it.

Fly of the Month: The Palmered Brown Bug

The Palmered Brown Bug presents a good silhouette on the surface. And when slightly drowned, the wings give the fly a jittery, fish-enticing action when bucking the flow.

Fly Fishing Winter Gear Maintenance

Every fly fisher needs a plan for when and how to do winter gear maintenance. A systematic approach for organizing and cleaning your gear is all you need. Follow...

Fly Fishing Tips: Leaders and Tippets

All fly fishers have to use a leader. It’s just a fact of life. The problem is that lots of fly fishers don’t really have a good grasp of how to match the leader and tippet to the fly. This article is here to help.

BC Smallmouth On Vancouver Island

Bass have been introduced in many lakes on Vancouver Island. Most of these lakes are easily accessible by paved road or good two-wheel drive gravel road.
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