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Tying the Zug-bug (bead-head)

Springtime is the awakening for many aquatic insect species. Nymphs of several common insects that fish like to eat share similar characteristics. Often their emergence overlaps with other species, and then an aquatic smorgasbord is offered to fish. So a single, generic form of nymph will often cover a lot of circumstances when those critters are active. Size, shape, movement, and colour are key factors of interpretive and effective nymphal fly design. The Zug-bug is one of those “close enough” buggy-looking imitations that take fish consistently.

Hook: Mustad 9671 or similar, size #12 or #14, debarbed and sharpened
Thread: Black Uni-Thread.
Bead-head: Small gold bead.
Tail: Peacock sword feather tips.
Body: Peacock herl
Rib: Gold wire, wound in open turns over herl
Wing case: Mallard flank feather, trimmed short
Legs: Natural red/brown hackle feather.
Head: Tying thread, lacquered


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