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The Carey Special was named after its creator Colonel Carey.
It is a very simple, yet very effective, wet fly. It can be used to imitate numerous insects including bloodworms and caddis pupa when tied in appropriate sizes and colours. I always have a few in my box, and they work well as a fall-back pattern when others aren’t producing as they should.

Hook: Mustad 9672 3X long #10 to #14
Thread: Black monocord, or to match body colour Tail: None
Body: Chenille of appropriate insect body colours Rib: None
Beard: None
Wing: None
Hackle: Shank-length pheasant rump


  1. Wrap on tying thread at the eye of the hook. Wind down to the butt.
  2. Secure the chenille in place. Wrap the thread back to the head of the fly.
  3. Wrap the chenille forward, making an even body, and tie off.
  4. Tie in a pheasant rump feather, tip first, and wrap to form a long hackle.Make sure the feather fibres are hook shank length or a bit longer and tie it sparse; two or three wraps is good enough. Tie down the feather butt and trim excess.
  5. Whip finish the head and cement.

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