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Three DFO Fishery Notices About April 1, 2023

On March 31, 2023, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans issued three interim measure notices under “Chinook Management Measures”.

What Are Interim Measures?

Interim measures simply mean there may be further announcements coming regarding regulations. They state that, “The interim measures to start the 2023 fishing season (beginning April 1, 2023) are the same measures that were in place at the beginning of last season (with the exception of portions of Area 16 – portions of Sechelt and Jervis Inlets). As these are interim measures, a further announcement on possible revised management actions will be announced in a subsequent Fishery Notice.”

FN0330-Recreational, Friday March 31, 2023

Chinook Areas 11 to 20, 111 and Subareas 29-1 to 29-5

In summary, FN0330 notice specifies that as of April 1, 2023 the majority of inside waters (between Vancouver Island the mainland) are closed to Chinook retention for the time being as “interim measures”.

FN0331-Recreational, Friday March 31, 2023

Southern BC waters: Vancouver Area and Fraser River (Area 28 and portions of Area 29)

In summary, FN0331 specifies that as of April 1, 2023 the Areas 29-6, 29-7 and 29-9 are completely closed to to fishing for salmon, while areas in Area 28 are only closed to Chinook retention.

FN0332-Recreational, Friday March 31, 2023

West Coast of Vancouver Island – Areas 21 to 27, 121, 123 to 127

In summary, FN0332 specifies that as of April 1, 2023  West Coast Vancouver Island Waters (Areas 21 to 27, 121, 123 to 127) outside approximately the 1-mile surf line is closed to Chinook retention.

Click here for Chart Plotter Download: 1 Mile from Surf Line West Coast Vancouver Island

According to the notices, “To address conservation concerns for at-risk Fraser River Chinook stocks, DFO is continuing precautionary reductions in recreational fisheries to support the conservation of these stocks.”

Fishery Notices

To review or subscribe to fishery notices, visit Fisheries and Oceans here.

Where Can Recreational Anglers Retain Chinook Today?

Links to specific tidal area regulations are found in our Fishing Area Report section. Simply navigate to your area of interest, scroll down, and click on the regulations link, which are live DFO links for the specific area. Start here:

For a MAP of the Fisheries and Oceans, you may also visit the Pacific Fisheries Management Area Maps here.

For more Island Fisherman coverage of DFO announcements, click here.

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  1. They really really need to start marking 100% of hatchery Chinook and let us catch them… Just like the Coho. I think the #publicfishingalliance can help us get there.


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