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Zoom Backgrounds for Island Fisherman Readers

We have been doing Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting here at Island Fisherman magazine, and sometimes from some distracting locations (yes…while fishing!).

To up our game ‘professionally’, we crafted a few magazine Zoom backgrounds that we thought would be fun to use while hiding all that gear, the truck, and the gang ready to go.

Since it’s way more fun to share, we are making these available to you, for free! Download one and ‘hook up’ with your friends or give us a holler! Check them out!

No one will ever know you have someone (or something) on the other line!

Instructions for Installing Our Zoom Backgrounds

1. Click the backgrounds below, then save the image to your device

Background 1 (Purple)

Background 2 (Aqua)

Background 3 (Orange)

2. Sign into Zoom (or Skype, etc.)

3. Click settings

4. Click virtual background

5. Click the “+” and select the file from the location on your computer/device.

6. Enjoy!


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