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13 Gifts For The Fisherman Who Has It All

First things first: Unless the fisherman specifically requests gear, you better be very careful about what you buy them—especially those big ticket items that are very personal, like reels, rods, and waders. Lures? No problem. They’re like jewelry—enough is never enough.

But if you want to impress the angler in your life, why not give them something useful, memorable, and fun. This list has something for everyone.

YI 4K Action Camera

Everyone wants their own fishing show, right? (Guilty as charged.) So instead of worrying about a smartphone going in the drink while trying to “Spielberg” a day on the water, pick up a YI 4K for $211.00 CND. Now sure, everyone would like the leading brand, like the GoPro 7 Black at $529.99 CND, but very few will really get the most of out of one at that price point; it’s overkill. The YI 4K camera has been getting great reviews, especially for the price. But hey, if you have $500, stick to the GoPro, and you’ll win the holidays.

Simrad Ethernet Adapter Cable

Who doesn’t love another cable? This cable makes updating marine electronics a dream. Instead of having to download updates onto an SD card, plug one end into the back of your chart-plotter and the other end into an ethernet cable. Prepare to be blown away how fast updates will load. Works with all Navico brand chart plotters (tested on Simrad here). It may not be a glamorous present, but it’s a real time saver.

Dress Fishing Lure Socks

It wouldn’t be the holidays if a pair of socks or two weren’t involved, right? Well, if you must, then do it with some style. Boldsocks has plenty to choose from.


Not in the Tyee Club yet?  That’s OK; you can still get the t-shirt. They are super soft, local, and feature great art. You can’t go wrong with a shirt from these folks. In fact, get 2.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

So much more fun than catching up on social media or reading a book. A good fisherman hones their skills with practice, practice, practice.

Wild River Tackle Teck Recon Lighted Tackle Backpack

The LEDs really make it. Perfect for early morning fishing.

Big Mouth Billy Bass – Alexa Compatible

Remember that singing fish?  It makes its comeback right here, right now. If you happen to have an Amazon Echo you can pair it and have it read you back hockey game stats, wind conditions, and when slack tide will be. Perfect for the office. Well, probably the garage…but still!

Thermos Stainless Steel King 16 Ounce Travel Mug

Often found for $40, this one is only $19.99 CND on Amazon. It’s a great travel mug.

DYI – Boat Cleat Coat Rack

Feeling handy? Here’s a super easy project. So easy, we don’t even need to give you instructions.

UV Flashlight

This is great for charging up UV tackle. It really works! In fact, it will make UV tackle charge faster and hold that charge longer than regular daylight will.

Case of Lucky Beer

This one needs no explanation.

MOB+ Fell Marine

We gave this an award in 2018 for a reason. It’s one of the best safety devices we’ve seen for boating. Basically, it’s a wireless kill switch for your boat engines. Rather than dealing with a tether that so many people don’t bother to use, put this on your wrist or as a lanyard, and enjoy safe boating for the Capitan and crew.

Rocket Fishing Rod

This toy actually works pretty well! It will launch a bobber up to 75 feet. It’s a great way to get the young angler started out, or that one friend who just can’t seem to cast if their life depended on it.

Let us know how you make out!


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