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Gear For the Year: Part 4

Get your hooks into this awesome gear. We did, and we did well.

Gibbs Yamashita Michael Bait Rigged Pink/Glow

You must know this little fella, right? A family favorite for targeting sockeye, it’s also commonly used for all salmon. Fish this on a 48-in, 40-lb leader and you’re in business. Don’t you hate it when a friend from Alberta pulls out a beat-up, must-be-10-year-old one of these from his old days of living on the coast, and he outfishes your brand-new gear? Not saying it happened, but yeah, it happened…Mike.

Fishinator Devil in Blue Jeans

If you are using Fishinator, you’ll be back. Devil in Blue Jeans in slim 5 size is Fishinator Lures’ newest colour and size plug. Hypnotized by the dance to bite, fish don’t stand a chance. Hasta la vista, baby! And hey, what fish(erman) doesn’t like lightning bolts? We can’t wait to see flames on the next one!

Williams Bully 9/10-oz Silver Blue

At twice the weight of the original W50 Wabler, the heavyweight of the Williams family will KO fish. As they claim, it “casts like a bullet and doubles as a vertical jigging spoon.” It’s simply a fantastic all-purpose lure for salmon, bass, trout, and off-island fish like walleye and pike! If you are looking for a lure to cast far, look no further…than a Bully.

Killy Magee Skinny G

So good they made it rhyme. Carry it everywhere and you’ll pick it every time. In fact, in 2012 when Dane Christensen of The Harbour Chandler was sizing up new season prototypes, his friend Dave Mitenko kept picking and slaying with this one—silver and two-tone green. “It’s a keeper!” Needing a name, they turned to Dave’s newborn son, Kilian Mac Mitenko, and the dust settled after a misspelling. How’s that for a fish story? It’s as true as the fish you’ll be catching when you use this one.

Lighthouse Lures The Pickle

This tasty treat is no stranger to salt, and comes in herring (5.0), anchovy (3.5), and mini 3.0. Add it to your arsenal. Why? It’s kind of a big dill. Well, at least we know its gherkin.

Luhr Jensen 3.5 Coyote Black Reflex Glow Back

You’ll know them when you see that flipper tail, glistening black-to-silver finish, and a fish attached to it! We don’t know if the Pope blessed this or if there’s a voodoo fish curse on this one but L.J.—you do that voodoo that you do so well! Thanks for this one!

Rhys Davis Teaser Head Tuning Rods

These pre-bent stainless-steel bad boys fit nicely into teaser heads and only need securing with a little squeeze from your pliers. Adjust your bend, slide it through your anchovy, and cut off the excess. It’s got a perfect roll and—in a huge bonus—it keeps your bait in place much longer than without one. Less time setting up, more time fishing. Try them, and you’ll swear by them.

Buzz Bomb BB4 (Narrow Model) Hot Pink

When your dad tells you, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!,” this is what he’s talking about. Cast this iconic Vancouver Island staple or mooch it with a good stiff rod for some darting motion on the retrieve. This lure will irritate fish so badly, they’ll beg you to come in the boat.

Hot Spot Blue Glow, Original #183

What’s the one colour that stays the same at all depths? Yup, blue. Blue is the popular colour for colours to turn as they go down the water column. White turns blue at 100 meters, red turns blue at 10 meters. So here’s a hint—this flasher is blue. Perfect for muddy water and returning fish focusing on darker colours.

Blue Fox Gomame Jig 2.7 oz

So realistic, we almost ate one. What an incredible finish—mesmerizing! When you want to put something down that won’t let you down, give this one a dunk! Great for deep jigging.

Len Thompson 5/8-oz Five of Diamonds

This is your grandfather’s lure, and it’s as awesome as ever—hard to believe it’s 90 years old now. It’s got a super shape, and just great for the lakes. Anyone ever try this trolling in salt? Yes, you did! It’s an all-purpose lure that Canadians just can’t forget or live without. Ever seen your grandfather clean a salmon’s bloodline with the top of one of these? Yeah, that happened. It’s a spoon and an original. Cue Wayne’s World: “We’re not worthy!”

Gibbs Delta Willow Leaf Troll, Cable #66

If you are going to troll around a lake, bring the gang—gang troll that is! Four magical blades in line with a nylon rudder. Fishing with this is borderline organized crime. Just be forewarned—someday it may ask a favor from you.

King Kandy 4-in Whole Herring

Fish with a sweet tooth will be happy you threw this down for them. “Frantic” is the best way to describe the motion on this one, resembling a wounded baitfish with a lot of spunk left in it. If you have scent attractant, you are in luck—there is yarn in the cavity that will hold it for extended periods of time, but you won’t need to worry much about that. Just be sure that all the air is expelled from the lure to ensure its best action.

Rhys Davis Lure Eyes

They only have eyes for you. Fish like real food, and unlike you, they don’t mind if their food stares back at them. It’s one more step to realism, right? Ditch that sharpie and get yourself some of these stickers for your spoons that need an upgrade. And believe us when we say the eyes have it … on the hook and in the box. Here’s looking at you, kid, with your derby-winning fish!


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