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Opinion: DFO Staff Developing the SRKW Strategy Spend Little Time on the Water


Our cottage is on Galiano Island, adjacent Active Pass. I have traveled these waters for decades.

After reviewing the kaleidoscope of chart closures and various timings in the Southern Gulf Islands, I conclude those involved on DFO staff tasked with developing this strategy spend little time on the water. Even experienced boaters will have difficulty understanding what they can and can’t do.

I began the feedback on the 2024 SRKW survey and gave up with the confusion of its purpose. The plan, as proposed, is byzantine.

Do simple. Establish a moving bubble closure when Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) are transiting the area in season. Have a dedicated, radio vigilant, and knowledgeable vessel posse to patrol the bubble. That is so simple and does make sense to me. A quick click on one’s phone to a website to know if and where to avoid the bubble in real time would work. Try it!

That makes more sense than to risk criminalizing boaters who simply want to enjoy the gulf islands or transit through, or fishers who want to fish. Put the bubble on the Fishing BC App, too.

DFO, do better for the sake of the animals. Complexity serves these animals poorly.

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  1. I Just filled in the survey and said I would abide by a new law saying something like if there is a verified sighting of whales in the zone or area in question then you must stop angling for the remainder of that day. you must keep a long distance from the whales in your vessel. I want daily updates by dfo if whales have been verified in the area in question.


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