Saturday, April 10, 2021


SFI Update: Whales Initiative

Today, the SFI released a newsletter outlining the measure and mandatory requirements for boating, avoidance and closures. We are documenting it here for reference. We'd like to thank the SFI for making this information concise, and available to the general public.

SRKW Action Threatens More Closures

SKRW Recovery Action threatens fishing in the Salish Sea. 3 public SKRW “consultation” meetings with the Department of Fisheries (DFO), announced for April.

DFO Feedback Deadline March 1 – 2019 Fraser River Chinook Conservation Measures

On February 5, the DFO released a letter designed to "communicate the Department’s approach for developing fisheries management actions to address conservation concerns for Fraser River Chinook in 2019."

Critical Habitat Designation: What Does this Mean for the West Coast Recreational Fishery?

The area defined as new critical habitat comprises 5,025 square kilometers of Swiftsure and La Pérouse Banks off the west coast of BC. This is an offshore area stretching from Port Renfrew all the way up to Long Beach halfway between Ucluelet and Tofino. It extends out as far as 60 kilometers in the La Pérouse section.

The Seal Debate: To Cull Or Not To Cull?

In recent days we have been seeing calls in the media to engage in an all-out cull of pinnipeds (seals and sea lions), arguing...

DFO Species at Risk Program: Proposed Amended Recovery Strategy for Northern and Southern Resident Killers Whales

Today, Sept 26th, 2018, a public WebEx webinar was held by the DFO to discuss the “DFO Species at Risk Program: Proposed Amended Recovery Strategy for Northern and Southern Resident Killers Whales”. The presentation of the slides...

Juan de Fuca/Strait of Georgia Chinook Regulations 2018

After nearly three months of rushed analysis and consultation, on May 30 the DFO released fishery notice #0428. It is likely unprecedented in the history of BC fisheries management in its scope.

Proposed DFO Closure – East Point, Port Renfrew to Otter Point, Sooke BC

If you are near and dear to the sport fishing industry on Vancouver Island, this article matters.
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