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The 2023 SRKW Survey: Fishermen Need To Voice

Fisheries and Oceans has released an online survey which explains proposed 2023 management actions to conserve and protect Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW).

The proposals contain significant expansion of closed fishing areas in Juan de Fuca Strait near Port Renfrew, in the waters adjacent to Sooke and Victoria, the lower Gulf Islands and the mouth of the Fraser River. There is also a proposal to extend the length of closure.

Professional representatives have already made their positions known during the stakeholder consultations. Now it’s time for anglers to be heard. Remember that your voice counts, especially when influential groups who oppose recreational fishing will be using this public input opportunity to advance their anti-fishing position as forcefully as they can.

Please take the time to take this survey, and provide as much real data to the DFO as possible.

According to the public email received,

“The Government of Canada would like to hear from you! On January 19th, 2023, an online survey was launched to seek feedback on the potential management measures to help the recovery of the of Southern Resident Killer Whales.

Since 2019, the Government of Canada has implemented a suite of measures each year to protect and further support the recovery of this iconic Pacific whale population. These measures address key threats to the recovery of this population, including reduced quantity and access to their prey, and increased noise and disturbance in their habitat.

Your ideas and feedback will help us refine the potential management measures and help us understand potential implications of the options being considered. As such, we invite you to review the potential management measure options for 2023, and submit your comments to help inform this year’s approach. The public survey is available on the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website until February 19, 2023. Please use this link: to access the survey.

If there are any questions about the Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures, please contact [email protected].”

For background articles SRKW and regulations, click here.


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