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Best Practices for River Fishing on Vancouver Island

In light of the economic and health challenges brought about by the COVID pandemic, Canadians have looked to alternate activities to keep busy, keep...

The Wigglefin Action Disc

The Wigglefin Action Disc adds vibration and action to a hoochie or bucktail for those fisherman who don’t want to fish with a flasher.

The Effective Anchovy Setup

How to rig a teaser head, and use the right leader length.

2020 Sproat Lake Loggers Winter Spring Derby

32nd annual Sproat Loggers Winter Spring Derby located at Poett Nook Marina March 7th & 8th 2020. Family fun for all ages!

Vancouver Island Salmon Returns Update: October 2019

“This is an opening that is based on in-river abundance,” said Ed Walls.

Op-Ed: The Future of BC Depends on the Sport Fishery

"[Valued at $1.1 billion], the sport fishery is the largest economic driver of all B.C. fisheries."

The UVic Chinook and Coho Diet Study

The stomachs of your Chinook and coho salmon are no longer just crab bait; they can help us understand the ecosystem that supports our salmon resource.

Jigging at the Pier in Campbell River

Fishing from a pier and shoreline can be very productive in heavy bait gatherings, for rockfish, and during the salmon returns. In this article, we’ll help you improve your pier and shoreline jigging game.

80cm Chinook in Campbell River: Does Size Matter?

When DFO reduced the size of a sport-caught Chinook to 80 cm, it made people in the fishing and tourism economies gape like a newly hooked lingcod.

Teaser Head Herring: Part 1

How and why you should fish the Britsh Columbia coast with teaser heads and bait. This artile shows you how to set up you teaser heads and leaders.
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