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The Wigglefin Action Disc

The Wigglefin Action Disc will help the fisherman who doesn’t want to fish with a flasher or wants more action on a hoochie or a bucktail fly while trolling. You place the disc in front of your hoochie, fly, worm, leech, anchovy, herring, or any other kind of lure for more lifelike action. It displaces water around the disc, transferring plug-like action to your lure as well as adding vibration to attract fish. I tied a setup with the Wigglefin in front of the hoochie on a 36-in leader attached to a flasher. In addition to the normal whipping action that a flasher puts on a hoochie, you’ll get sudden erratic motion.

Wigglefin on hoochie
wigglefin with hoochie

A Chinook and a coho both popped the clip in very short time while fishing in Barkley Sound. I also tried a power mooching setup—a 6-ft leader with a disc 1 in above a bucktail fly with a rubber band to stop the disc at 1 in. This got coho to bite hard near the shorelines at Campbell River.

Wigglefin on bucktail fly

Now think of all the possibilities for which you can use this disc to get more bites. Setup a Wigglefin Action Disc with a Wigglefin SlideLoc stopper 1 in above a small minnow, anchovy, herring, worm, leech, wedding band, or crawlers. This will work for salmon, trout, bass, walleye, kokanee, and any lake fish. The distance between the disc and your lure is the key to make your lure more active. I find the distance between the Wigglefin Disc and the lure is dependent on the action you want. The most action is achieved when the disc is closer to the lure. For example, on a 4.5-in hoochie I will have the disc right in front of the hoochie (for more aggressive action), and on a 2-in bucktail fly I will have a disc 1 in above the fly (medium action). Tune the distance from the disc to your lure by placing in the water and looking at the action at trolling speed before sending it down, or on the shoreline before casting it out. The disc comes in different sizes, and Wig- glefin’s website has chart to help you match the size of your lure. Wiggle me disc, wiggle me that, I’ll bite that … Wigglefin Action Disc!

Wigglefin Action Disk



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